you should go boobie watching then them little cuties are silly looking.

Dose she have to fallow the rules of being PG with me too?


hey mod do you want to go out and watch a murder?

U-Um…No thanks?

There once was a frender who stuck it. He saw a cute mod and would fuck it. He tried hard one day, and he got his way, Now she wants me to kick, the bucket.


Mod your so cute in every form it's ASDFGHJKL

Tittyfucking. Tittyfucking is awesome. Who would MOD ever consider giving a good, old fashioned Titfuck to?

If the tendrils come out of your back, and go inside of you also. Isn't it like you are fucking yourself, in your back and in your vagina?

It’s called mast-

MOD, remember the challenge.

I can’t answer this in any way, shape or form that is PG!

Just say yes.


Just do it.

Fine.  Yes.

TMI Tuesday will be…TMI Cutesday

Go ahead and ask her TMI questions, and I’ll have her answer in the most PG way possible.  This should be fun.

what would one of mod's deep dark secrets that is cute be?

Tiny Mod is so cute, what if Artist drew tiny mod on Mod's shoulder. :D